Never run out of water because of a bad or inaccurate gauge again!!!

Imagine knowing exactly how much potable water you have in your tank, to the nearest gallon, all the time!!!

WC2 Digital Display

Digital Display
Dimensions: 2½″ W x 2″ H x 2″ D
(Place anywhere in cabin)

WC2 Digital Display Allows You To:

  • A self-contained power supply (10 year lithium battery) on its Digital Display
  • Comes with the same extremely accurate “Sender” that is used on our original WC1 system
  • Installation is even easier with no outside source of power required! Just run the two wires of the Sender to the Digital Display and you’re in business.
  • Counts up from zero
  • When you top off your tank, just press the reset button, the display goes to zero, and you’re ready to go again!
  • Always know exactly how many gallons you’ve used
  • Top off your tank and run until empty and you’ll know how many gallons can be drawn form your tank
  • No programming required
  • If desired, the system can be upgraded at a later date to the WC1 System by changing the Digital Display, as it uses the same size installation cut out
  • Can be wired up to 500 ft. away!

WaterCounter™ Sender

WaterCounter™ Sender with Thread Adapters

Dimensions: 10½″ L x 2½″ Diameter
(Place anywhere in waterline)

The Extremely Accurate WaterCounter™ Sender

  • Comes complete with two brass 1½” adapters
  • Comes with both WC1 and WC2 Water Management Systems
  • Measurement in US gallons
  • Body made out of 100% brass
  • 500 ft. Max wire length between Sender and Digital Display

Basic Installation for Boats and RVs

WC2 Digital Display with Sender and Adapters

ONLY $244.00 plus $15.00 shipping

WC2 System comes with the self-powered Digital Display shown above, the extremely accurate Sender, 2 each 1½ inch thread adapters, and instructions.

One additional WaterCounter™ Sender with adapters

ONLY $195.00 plus $15 shipping

Each additional WaterCounter™ Sender comes with
2 brass 1½ inch thread converters
and installation instructions.

Please Contact Us with any questions!

WaterCounter™ Sender
MeasurementUS gallons
Min. flow required1 qt. per minute
Max. wire length between sender and display500 ft.
Plumbing connections¾ inch NPT
Sender length (including brass 1½ in. adapters)10½ in.
Sender body material100% brass
Digital Display
Power requiredComes with 10 year lithium battery
6 Digit Display, LCD Display315 inches high
Size including trim 2¼ inches W x 2⅞ inches H x 2 inches D