Never run out of water because of a bad or inaccurate gauge again!!!

Imagine knowing exactly how much potable water you have in your tank, to the nearest gallon, all the time!!!

WC1 Digital Display

Computerized Digital Remote Display

Dimensions: 2¼″ W x 1½″ H x 2½″ D
(Place anywhere in cabin)

WC1 Digital Display Allows You To:

  • Accurately check the capacity of your tank
  • Preset the capacity of your tank in the Digital Display
  • When you top off your tank press the reset button, the tank’s capacity is displayed
  • As you use water the Digital Display counts down (by gallons) to zero
  • A preset reserve can be established (if desired)
  • Track water usage from several tanks with only one gauge

WaterCounter™ Sender

WaterCounter™ Sender with Thread Adapters
Dimensions: 10½″ L x 2½″ Diameter
(Place in waterline)

The Extremely Accurate WaterCounter™ Sender

  • Comes complete with two brass 1½” adapters
  • Comes with both WC1 and WC2 Water Management Systems
  • Measurement in US gallons
  • Body made out of 100% brass
  • 500 ft. Max wire length between Sender and Digital Display

The Problem for Boats

Water level gauges found on boats are notoriously inaccurate. For the most part they are adapted gas gauges. Add to that, the water tanks themselves are odd shaped to fit into bilges and the boat may be listing or you may be underway. How can you possibly tell how much water you have? Can you remember how much water you’ve used since your last topping off?…

Use WaterCounter™ and KNOW to the gallon exactly how much water you have!!!

The Problem for RV’s

Water level gauges found in RV’s are also notoriously inaccurate. The problems on RV’s are somewhat different. The tank, especially on coaches, is usually placed in the middle of the RV under the floor and between the two main beams. This requires the tank to be very shallow (12 to 16 inches high), fairly narrow (2 to 3 feet wide) and very long (8 to 12 feet long). If you’re only measuring the depth of the water then you can see how inaccurate the gauges can be if the RV is not exactly level or underway.

WaterCounter™ is also very useful when dry camping or boondocking. It allows you to manage your water supply and take away the concern that the water may run out because the gauge is wrong. Once installed you can track and know how much water is going into your gray and black water tanks and deal with it before it becomes a major problem.

Use WaterCounter™ and KNOW to the gallon exactly how much water you have!!!

The Solution

WaterCounter™ is a very accurate metering system with the sender placed in your water supply line on the “pressure” side of the pump. This metering device counts the gallons of water as you use them then relays that information to a digital display in the cabin of your boat or RV and the Digital Display deducts it from your total, showing you exactly how many gallons you have left.

This system allows you to know exactly (to the nearest gallon) how much water you have used, but it will also answer various other water usage questions such as:

  • How much water does it take for an average shower?
  • How much water have you sent to the holding tank?
  • How much water does it take to wash the dishes?
  • Do I have to go for more water or can I stay anchored or boondock for a few more days?
  • I have a water maker, why would it help me? By knowing how much water you have used, you know exactly how long to run the watermaker to top off your tank thus saving on filters.
  • Can I use all the water stored in my tank or does my pickup only allow me to use a percentage of it?

The Story

WaterCounter™ was developed for boaters and RV owners. Measuring water usage for both is difficult since gallons-per-minute flow is so small on boats and RVs compared to home usage. We developed a meter which could read extremely low water flows. We then added a custom made remote computerized digital display with reset buttons.

WaterCounter™ comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and is guaranteed to perform as described.

Features of the Digital Display

The specifically designed Digital Display allows you to read the gallon capacity of your tank or tanks then by simply manipulating the front buttons set your gallon capacity so that when you press the reset button (upon filling your tank) the counter starts counting down from your full tank capacity to zero.

You always KNOW exactly how much water is left in your tank!


Simply install the Sending Unit (meter) in the line on the “pressure” side of the water pump. (Note: Sending Unit comes with 1½ in. long brass ¾ in. NPT adapters). Extend the wiring (following the detailed instructions supplied with the WaterCounter™) up to 100 feet away and connect to the display. The Digital Display unit requires a 12 volt, 24 volt, or 32 volt DC power supply and provides a bright display.

Basic Installation for Boats and RVs

WaterCounter™ comes to you with the Computerized Digital Display formatted to read from zero up when the reset button is pushed. This allows you to find out how much water you can draw from your tank. Once this is determined (by topping off and using the water until the tank is empty) you simply reset the Digital Display to count down (shown in the instructions) and change the zero set point to whatever the gallon capacity of your tank is. Then, each time the tank is topped off and the reset button is pushed the display shows the capacity of your tank and counts down (as gallons are used) always showing exactly how many gallons of water you have.

That’s all there is to it!!!

Digital WaterCounter™ Display installed at galley

WaterCounter™ Sender installed in the water line on
the pressure side of the pump

To track water going into your water tank from a watermaker or a public water source and have that water added to the total on the Digital Display by adding optional additional Sender.

For Boats

From a public water source:

Tracking water from a dockside water source requires the addition of a dedicated water inlet connection (not deck fill) feeding directly to the storage tank. Once this is installed, simply install the additional Sender in this line and run the wires to the existing Digital Display and the Digital Display will add back to the total, the gallons put into the tank by the dockside water source.

From a watermaker and a public water source:

By connecting the inlet water line on the supply side of the additional Sender and placing a check valve in the inlet water line and an additional check valve in the watermaker supply line, water supplied by either will be added to the Digital Display.

Diagram for tracking water sent to the water tank by a watermaker and public water source using additional WaterCounter™ Sender

For RVs

Most RV’s have a dedicated water inlet connection with a valve that allows the RV to be continually supplied with water from the public supply or by turning a valve, water can be directed to fill the water tank. By placing an additional Sender in the tank fill line and running the two wires to the existing Digital Display, the gallons of water placed into the tank are added to the Digital Display.


WC1 Digital Display with Sender and Adapters

ONLY $342.00 plus $15.00 shipping

Each Basic System contains a WaterCounter™ Sender,
2 brass 1½ inch thread converters, Digital Display and installation and operating instructions.

One additional WaterCounter™ Sender with adapters

ONLY $195.00 plus $15 shipping

Each additional WaterCounter™ Sender comes with
2 brass 1½ inch thread converters
and installation instructions.

Please Contact Us with any questions!

Power required (uses 50 milliamps max)12, 24, 0r 32 Volts DC
Maximum gallons counter999,999 gals
LED Display w/ very high luminosity⅜ inches high
Size including frame2¼” W x 1½” H x 2½” D
MeasurementUS gallons
Min. flow required1 qt. per minute
Max. wire length between sender and display100ft.
Water line connections¾ inch NPT
Sender body material100% brass
Sender length (including brass 1½” adapters)10½ inches