Never run out of water because of a bad or inaccurate gauge again!!!

Imagine knowing exactly how much potable water you have in your tank, to the nearest gallon, all the time!!!


We were over in Bimini last week for a few days and that system worked really well. We came back with 50 gallons, where in the past I would have taken on 50 gallons for margin. So there’s $25.00 in savings that goes to the price of the unit. A few more trips and it’ll be FREE. Thanks again.

Brad E.

I installed the WaterCounter which was easy to do. I have a trawler and we do a lot of scuba diving. The first day with the WaterCounter I was shocked at how much water we actually use for washing dishes, deck wash down and rinsing dive gear, etc. We blew through 70 gallons in just a day!! Well, at least now I don’t have an excuse for running out. Thanks for a really great product

Daryl W.

As a live aboard, we winter in the Chesapeake and the WaterCounter is great. When it gets cold and water to the dock is cut off, we have to string water hoses together to get water into our 300 gallon tank. By knowing exactly how much we have left in the tank we can refill when we chose (a sunny day) not when we run out, usually a cold night. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Barb & Stan M.

When you live-aboard it’s crucial to keep tabs on your water. I am very happy with my WaterCounter, it has given me the opportunity to manage my fresh water tank during the off season and never be in fear of running out especially if I am in the middle of a shower; that would be traumatizing. It’s a good product.

Judy T.

Since I use my fresh water tank all the time, the water counter has been a real benefit. I always know how much water I have in my tank, therefore I do not run out. I travel south during the winter months and it’s efficient knowing when I need to stop and fill up.

Woody S.