WC1 Digital Display with Sender


Comes complete with a programmable Digital Display, an extremely accurate Sender and two brass 1 1/2 inch adapters.



The WC1 is our Deluxe Water Management System, which will always show how many gallons are left in your tank and adds back gallons made by your watermaker. Comes complete with Sender.

WC1 Digital Display Allows You To:

  • Accurately check the capacity of your tank
  • Preset the capacity of your tank in the Digital Display
  • When you top off your tank press the reset button, the tank’s capacity is displayed
  • As you use water the Digital Display counts down (by gallons) to zero
  • A preset reserve can be established (if desired)
  • Track water usage from several tanks with only one gauge

Additional information


Computerized Digital Remote Display


2¼″ W x 1½″ H x 2½″ D


$15 per unit in the US


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