Never run out of water because of a bad or inaccurate gauge again!!!

Imagine knowing exactly how much potable water you have in your tank, to the nearest gallon, all the time!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If you cut power to the WC1 Digital Display will you lose the setting?

A: No, as long as you don’t run water while the Digital Display is off.

Q: Do I need to cut the power while away from the boat for an extended period of time?

A: The WC1 Digital Display only draws 50 milliamps if all 6 digits are lit up. By leaving it on and coming back and the number is lower you can discover a slow leak.

Q: If I install the WC1 system and later add a watermaker do I have to change out what I have?

A: No, if your watermaker is at least 400 gals. a day all you need to add is the second sender.

Q: Where is a good location for the Digital Display?

A: Most existing gauges are on the helm for some reason. We recommend locating the Digital Display in the galley area as it is usually a more central location. One the wiring will usually be easier to run and two the pump is generally close by and three (if you need a power supply) you can usually connect to the wiring for the light above the sink. But where you locate it is your choice.

Q: How accurate is the system?

A: Within 1½ percent.

Q: What is the min. and max. flow rate?

A: 1 quart per minute and 22 gallons per minute.

Q: What is the min. and max. flow rate?

A: No, Both WC1 and WC2 systems use the same sender. You will only need to purchase the WC1 Digital Display. In fact the cutout for the WC2 and WC1 displays are the same. You will need to provide a 12, 24 or 32 DC volt power source for the WC1.

Q: If I run hot water only will it damage the sender?

A: The sender can handle 185° F. water temperture.

Q: Can I run the pink winterizing liquid through the system?

A: As long as the viscosity of the liquid doesn’t change much it will be fine.

Q: Can I blow air through the system with no damage?

A: Yes but not more than 30 psi.

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