Never run out of water because of a bad or inaccurate gauge again!!!

Imagine knowing exactly how much potable water you have in your tank, to the nearest gallon, all the time!!!

Bird Deterrent System

BIRDOFF™ is a revolutionary bird deterrent system that helps solve one of boaters’ major cleaning problems.

Environmentally friendly, BIRDOFF™ will not hurt birds but will deter them from landing on the rails of your boat. Protect the investment in your boat and save time spent on maintenance.

A time-tested solution, BIRDOFF™ is made from a specially formulated material to withstand the harsh marine environment.

The 50 lb. monofilament line (included) double-locks into the BIRDOFF™ clips providing ample strength and rigidity.

Currently available for railings that are 1″ in diameter, each $34.95 kit protects up to 45 feet of straight railing (curved railing may require slightly more).

  • Simple, yet effective design works on curved and straight railings.
  • Quick and easy to install and remove
  • Help prevent bird droppings from damaging your boat’s finish.

Nothing else to buy – each kit comes ready to install and requires practically no ongoing maintenance.

Order BIRDOFF™ today and experience this incredible deterrent.

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